When do you change you electrical panel

How old is your electrical panel in your home? Do you even have a panel, or is still fuses?

It amazes me how many fuse boxes there are here in Topeka KS. These fuse boxes have been around since the start of electricity in the area, and are still being used today. People are prone to stick a larger sized fuse in the holder, so it wont burn out. But did you also know that these wires are also burning up on the inside of the walls, or at the connections? The size of the wire determines the size of the fuse or breaker. By code us electricians are not allowed to stick a 20 amp wire on a 14 awg wire  (14 awg is rated in at 15 amps) as it will over heat the wire over time causing it to short out and possible cause a fire. Let alone placing a 30 amp fuse where the 15 amp fuse is suppose to be. This is why we now have breaker panels, so people cant just change out the breaker for a larger sized breaker. A breaker panel is good for at least 30-40 years before you should think about replacing the beakers if not the entire panel. At Warner Electric we do panel change outs, fuse box upgrades and  breaker panel replacements, or even a complete electrical service upgrade.