Is your home grounded?

How do you know if your home is grounded? Do you have a ground rod next to your meter can? Do you have a bare copper wire extended out of your electrical panel and attached at the water line?

To understand what it is to be grounded, is that there is a wire that is intentionally going directly to ground. This does not mean the white wire inside of your home is the ground. In a 3 wire system it is the bare wire that goes directly to ground for your electronic equipment to work properly.  this wire is then connected to a bar inside of your panel, and then there is the   line ground that is suppose to be within 5′ of earth next to the water line shut off of the house. Not just connected to the water line next to the panel, as I see in a lot of homes.

The ground rod that is outside is a lightning suppressor and not meant for correct grounding. Although we (Warner Electric) have placed 2 ground rods  connected together to act as a grounding source when there is no water line ground to be had.

The best ground in a home is the concrete encased. This is where there is a 20′ piece of re-bar attached to the rest of the re-bar in the basement floor. It is bent upat one end to make a connection near the panel.

If your home doesnt have both the water line ground within 5′ of the ground next to the shut off of the house, and an 8′ x 1/2″ or 5/8″ outside next to the meter can then your home is not properly grounded by the National Electrical Code and the city of Topeka Kansas.

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