History of your electrical panel?

When would you consider your electrical to be outdated?

As the new home building industry closes down here in Topeka Kansas and has been so for the past 5 years without  much growth, the electrical has been the same since the early 1990’s without much change to the electrical panels, or wiring. However the practices have changed with the new involvement or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (gfci)  and Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (afci) receptacles and breakers, along with tamper resistant receptacles. But these are for other chapters, today we are talking about your electrical panel.

In the late 1960′ through the mid 1980’s the housing was a big boom and many home were being built fast in and around the Topeka areas, long before the Home Depot, and Lowe’s. So a way to conserve money was to buy a cheaper electrical panel from the wholesalers. These cheaper panels were the Gould’s, Federal Pacific, Murray, Bryant, XO, and ITE to name a few. You upper grade panels were the Square D, Siemens, Cutler Hammer, and GE and breakers.

Today the electrical panels have not changed much in the past 20 years. But now the old upper grade panels of yesteryear have their own upper and lower grades, and only a few of the lower grades still exist. Square D makes the QO, and Homeline style breaker and panels. The QO is the upper grade for Square D and is used in the industrial area more, so its prices are somewhat higher and the Homeline is its lower grade. GE owns Cutler Hammer and Cutler Hammer has an upper grade called a CH, and their lower grade a BR, while GE has either a stab in breaker, or an industrial bolt on, as does Square D QO. Siemens bought out Gould in the early 80’s and Gould had bought out ITE in the mid 70’s.

These are the electrical panels of today Square D (this is what Warner Electric prefers to use), Seimens, and GE. Any concerns as to what is in your home, and you are in the Topeka KS area please give us a call. You’ve got problems? . . W.E. solves them