Electrician or Electrical Contractor

If someone is selling themselves on Craigslist as an electrician would you hire that person over one from your local yellow-pages?

There are three levels of electrical workers, the starters are the apprentices , (the grunts and workers), and then after 3 years of employment this person can go take their test to become a journeymen electrician (now they are licensed). Then after 5 more years of work and schooling they can go take the master test. There has to be a master electrician in the business of an electrical contractor (business owner).

An electrician is a person that is licensed in that city or state to do electrical work, and are referred as journeymen electricians.  These people are the ones that you normally find on craigslist, as unemployed, or out of work. They are selling you their trade at a so called reduced rate for employment, but you are taking your life into your own hands here. They are NOT insured for liability, Workman’s comp, bonded, or pull a permit. If they fall off of a ladder and hurt themselves, or the place they are working on burns down, or if they start the job and walk away from it  after getting a payment from you. You are the one that is responsible for all of this not the licensed electrician you hired.

A master electrician is the only person that can get a contractors license, by rights and is normally the business owner. This person has to obied by the local rules and have what the city or state wants for insurances. People are normally employed under this person, and it is their responsibility that the company is doing everything correctly to the National Electric Code(NEC), the city or State code, or the electrical producers codes, if not all three!

So who do you want working on your home, protecting your family? Someone that is responsible, that has spent the time working, schooling, and is insured, or a fly by night, that when call them a month after the work is done you get “sorry the phone number you have dialed is not a working number” type of person? Call you local developmental services and check out the person, before hiring anyone!

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