Electrical Remodeling in Topeka KS

When do you have to hire an electrician? Do you wait till you are in over your head? Do you YouTube it? Or do you just read a book and then hope for the best? Besides what is the worse that can happen, your house burns down?

Electrical is the only trade out there that can kill someone and you never know it. So why take a chance? Even something as small as changing a light fixture, a switch, or even a receptacle can burn things up if you are not certain as to how it is suppose to work. I came from an elderly ladies home tonight, where her daughter had tried to change the switch in the bathroom. As soon as I saw the wires to the switch I knew that is was an item that I would have to order in. It was a low-voltage 3-way switch that was popular in the late 1940’s to the later 1960’s. However the daughter had never seen anything like this, and went to Home Depot and Lowes which they knew nothing of these switches as it is not on their shelves. So she tried to fix it until she gave up. The elderly lady has been without a switch to her only bathroom for more than 2 weeks. Tomorrow Warner Electric will order in the switch from a wholesaler in Topeka and have her bathroom up and going by late the following day.