Do you charge trip charges?

As I make several service calls in and around the Topeka Kansas areas, for electrical, I am always asked, what is a service call vs. trip charge?

A trip charge is a charge that a company puts onto your bill just to get a truck to come out to your area to do work.  This is for nothing more than to bring a vehicle to your door step, no work, just a vehicle. Every large utility company has this added in your monthly bill, as a fuel charge, vehicle, or  service (AT&T) fees.

A service call is a charge that a company has for their first hourly rate, some are higher for the first hour as to make up for the trip charge, yet stating that they don’t charge a trip charge. At Warner Electric (W.E.) there is no additional rates added to our service calls, as long as we are doing work inside of Shawnee County, we will not charge a trip charge.

A normal day for my company is to travel all over Topeka KS at least 2 if not 3 times in one day. Either to work, get parts, or do free estimates, yet I don’t see why a company should charge a trip charge.

If you have some type of electrical issues or are having to replace certain items in your home do to electrical problems, give us a call. We change out receptacles, plug ins, switches, lights rewire your home, upgrade your electrical fuse box and/or panel. You’ve got problems? . . . W.E. solves them!